Products & Service-Plating

Our metal coating services are constantly evolving and include the following

  • Zinc-Plating - Rack, Larger products and fabricated items up to 3.5metre
  • Zinc-Plating - Barrel,Smaller items ,fasteners metal pressings, repetition  products
  • Hexavalent Chromates-Black ,Olive Drab, Yellow
  • Trivalent Chromates-Bright, Yellow
  • Topcoats and Sealer -torque&tension modified(barrel only)
  • Copper-Nickel (barrel only)
  • Zinc-Alloy, (barrel only)
  • Zinc Plating to Specification

Additional Processes

In addition to the plating processess we have facility for -

  •  Deburring and rumbling small metal parts
  •  Vibratory finishing -Burnishing small parts
  •  Baking ovens for relief of hydrogen embrittlement process
  •  Zinc-Flake high corrosion resistant finishes
  •  Phosphating-(Zinc)


Our processes satisfy requirements of  corrosion protection for many industries. Including, Automotive Components,Fasteners, Telecomunication,Spring manufacture,Mining, Rural ,Wrought Iron, Fencing.

Car part restoration, under bonnet components.


Elite Plating produces a wide range of finishes and welcomes enquiries from industry clients. As all of our process have restrictions with product sizes and shapes. We encourage customers to provide us with their individual specifications and requirement prior to production.

nickel plating